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● Nanrun Vision:

   1. Nan Run pursues longevity

   Longevity can continue to contribute to the society; longevity can continue to benefit employees; longevity can source win-win customers; longevity can return to shareholders for a long time; longevity can continue to be thanked by care; longevity can promote the revitalization of national brands!

  2, Nanrun pursues harmony

  Harmony is the same, complementary, and opposite. Harmony is mutual assistance, cooperation, mutual benefit, and mutual complementarity. Nanrun prays to be kind to all parties and form a harmonious, harmonious, and symbiotic relationship with customers, suppliers, employees, and society.

● Nanrun mission:

   1. To be a trustworthy solution provider for complete sets of lubrication hydraulic systems, component manufacturing, and maintenance services!

  2, use our wisdom and reputation to sculpt customer satisfaction!

● Spiritual pursuit: youth, civilization, fraternity, harmony

  Youth: The company is full of youthful vitality and encourages innovation; employees are full of vigor and forge ahead;

  Civilization: The enterprise creates more material civilization and spiritual wealth for employees, customers, shareholders, and society;

   Employees use civilized mindsets and civilized behaviors to enrich the image and connotation of corporate civilization;

   fraternity: the company cares for employees, repays the society, loves customers and is responsible for them, understands and treats suppliers well;

  Employees care about the company and are willing to dedicate to it; care for family, relatives, friends, colleagues, and neighbors;

Harmony: The company and its customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and society can form and maintain a harmonious and friendly environment and relationship; regardless of whether the company is big or not, profit is high or low, partial success or failure, at all stages of development, we can be happy in the company work.

● Management concept: Responsibility, innovation, service, development, and win-win

  Responsibility: The company is committed to its responsibilities to customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, society, and the country;

  Employees loyally fulfill their responsibilities to their posts, to the company, and to customers, and they dare to take responsibilities and take responsibilities bravely.

   Innovation: Innovation is the vitality, development power and core competitiveness of an enterprise;

  Innovation is the contribution and self-development of employees.

  Service: The company has transformed from a single manufacturing industry to a focused development service business. The company is positioned as manufacturing and service in parallel, and service is the business thinking of the company;

  Development: Development is the core mission of an enterprise and an important way for an enterprise to continuously improve;

   Win-win: a shared chain that links related parties together. The company will achieve integrity, mutual contribution, and value sharing with customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

● Business philosophy:

  1. Customer outlook: Customer orientation is the direction of enterprise work; customer needs are the core of all our work.

  Customers are the support of our business growth; enterprises are customers' trusted partners.

  2. Quality concept: Quality is the life of an enterprise, the character of an enterprise, and the value exchanged with customers;

  The company does not suppress competitors, but focuses on how to surpass the competitors by quality;

  3. Safety concept: safety first, prevention first, standard implementation, continuous improvement

● Values

   survival of the fittest

   Reasonable companies will adapt to customers (continuous improvement)

   Reasonable companies will try their best to adapt to society (survival of the fittest)

   Reasonable employees will gradually adapt to the company (reasonable changes)

   A sane company will adapt to most employees (people-oriented)

● Code of Conduct:

   Smile more, communicate more;

   There are less reasons and more ways;

   Live a little brain, act faster;

   a little temperament, a bigger measure;

   complain less, cherish more;

   Self-righteousness is less, and humbly learns more;

   There are fewer individual heroes, and more unity and cooperation;

   evaluate others less and restrain yourself more;

   means less hands and feet, more hard work;

   If you have less mouth, a little more down-to-earth.

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