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NFDear colleagues:

   First of all, sincerely welcome you to Nanfang Lubrication!

   Nan Run's past, we will remember to be grateful.

   Nanfang Lubricant was founded in 1984. Time flies, with a flick of a finger, 30 years of business have passed. 30 years of dedication, 30 years of painstaking management, 30 years of growth and maturity --- from a little-known small workshop to a large and medium-sized private joint-stock enterprise with an area of ​​nearly 300 acres and an annual production capacity of 500 million yuan. Along the way, all the dedication of Nanrun people's diligence and wisdom, all writing the perseverance of Nanrun people, all demonstrating the trust of our customers in our full entrustment, and all of them are inscribed with the community's support to Nanrun as always! How many successes and failures, how many tears of laughter. Here, I deeply pay tribute to all colleagues who spare no effort in the development of the enterprise! Sincere thanks to all friends who have given us support and help!

   Nan Run's now, we have to carefully craft it.

Facing the ever-changing market environment with fierce daily competition, the people of Nanrun are brave to innovate, quickly adjust the direction in the rapids, reposition, and plan ahead: we have reshaped the "responsibility, innovation, service, development, and win-win" New Nanrun Cross concept; we have determined ten strategic transformation goals for business, operation, positioning, and management; we have optimized the "fine, precise, and streamlined" three-level management system; we have consolidated and strengthened the "reputation, innovation, and quality" Nanrun Core competitiveness...Nanrun people are not only looking down at the cart, they are also good at looking up at the road and sky.

  Nan Run’s future, we have to portray it more brilliantly.

  "Hundred years of Nanrun, harmonious Nanrun" is the ambition and pursuit of Nanrun people. We advocate longevity, but also win-win and happiness; we advocate harmony, but also value and culture.

   Xin Nan Run, new journey, new expectations. May she carry the persistence and dream of Nanrun people and take off again!

   I also sincerely hope that Nan Run will take off again and be with you all the way.



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