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Hot rolled strip project
Shagang Group 5000mm wide and heavy plate
Shougang Group 4300mm wide and heavy plate
Nanjing Iron and Steel 4700mm wide and heavy plate
1580mm Hot Continuous Rolling Project of Wuhan Iron and Steel Group
Shougang Group 2250mm Hot Strip Rolling Project
Xinyu Iron and Steel 1580mm Hot Continuous Rolling Project
Rizhao Steel's 2150mm Hot Continuous Rolling Project
Lianyuan Iron and Steel 2250mm Hot Continuous Rolling Project
Chengde Iron and Steel 1780mm Hot Continuous Rolling Project
Laiwu Iron and Steel 1500mm Hot Continuous Rolling Project
Jingye Group 1250mm Hot Strip Mill
1450 mm Hot Strip Rolling Project of Shagang Group
Shagang Group 1700mm hot coil
Dingxin Steel's 1780mm stainless steel hot rolling project
Delong Steel 1420mm Stainless Steel Hot Continuous Rolling Project
Yongjie Aluminum 1850mm1+3 Hot Rolling Project
Juke Aluminum Industry 1850mm Hot Rolling Project
Yinhai Aluminum 3300mm+2850mm Hot Rolling Project
3350 mm Hot Rolling Project of Zhongwang Aluminum

Cold rolled strip project
Baosteel Group Meishan Iron and Steel 1450mm Cold Rolling Project
Baosteel Group Meishan Iron and Steel 1420mm Tandem Cold Rolling Project Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Xichang Steel Vanadium 2030mm Cold Tandem Rolling Project
Shagang Group 1420mm tandem cold rolling project 1 line and 2 line
Anyang Iron and Steel 1550mm Tandem Cold Rolling Project
1750mm Tandem Cold Rolling Project of Tiantie Group
Xinyu Iron and Steel 1550mm Tandem Cold Rolling Project
Tangshan Guofeng 1450mm Tandem Cold Rolling Project
Huangshi Shanli 1420mm Tandem Cold Rolling Project
Shandong Yuanda 1420mm Tandem Cold Rolling Project
Zhejiang Lianxin 1420mm Tandem Cold Rolling Project
Shandong Ruifeng 1420mm Tandem Cold Rolling Project
Nigeria Dong's 900mm Tandem Cold Rolling Project
Beihai Chengde 1450mm Stainless Steel Cold Rolling Project
Jiangsu Delong 1320mm Stainless Steel Cold Rolling Project
Baosteel Group 2030mm leveling machine project
Baosteel Group 1850mm leveling machine project

Hot rolled high-speed wire project
Qian'an Jiujiang High-speed Line (Line 1-19)
Handan Group High-speed Wire Project
Jiu Steel Group High-speed Wire Project
Laiwu Steel's Yongfeng High-speed Wire Project
Nanjing Iron and Steel High-speed Wire Project
Yonggang Group High-speed Wire Project
Shagang Group High-speed Wire Project
Tianjin Three High-speed Wire Rolling Project
Shanxi Gaoyi High-speed Line Project
Shandong Xinhua High-speed Wire Project
Shougang Changzhi High-speed Wire Project
Shougang Noble Steel High-speed Wire Project
Rizhao Steel High-speed Wire Project
Anfeng Steel High-speed Wire Project
Xinji Aosen High-speed Wire Project
Yingkou Jiachen High-speed Line Project
Yuxi Yukun High-speed Line Project
Jiangsu Binxin High-speed Wire Project
Hubei Jinsheng Lan Gao Line Project
Guangdong Zhongrun High-speed Wire Project
Wuhu Xinxing High-speed Wire Project

Hot rolled bar engineering
Shagang Group Bar Project
Yonggang Group Bar Project
Kunming Iron and Steel Yuxi Bar Project
Shougang Shuicheng Bar Project
Shijiazhuang Iron and Steel Bar Project
Rizhao Steel Bar Project
Shan Dongxi Wang Bar Project
Guiyang Changle Bar Project
Tangshan Donghua Bar Project
Xilin Steel Bar Project
Yancheng Lianxin Bar Project
Yaxin Steel Bar Project
Shanxi Hongda Bar Project
Shengli (Fujian) Bar Project
Yuxi Xianfu Bar Project
Shiheng Special Steel Bar Project

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