Based on the concept of "helping employees succeed", the company has implemented a series of employee development measures in order to continuously improve employees' job competencies and for their career development. Mainly as follows:

1. The company provides two major sequences (management and professional) 16th National Congress system (management; R&D; manufacturing quality; business; logistics; marketing; service; financial investment; human resources; financing Category; financial category; IT category; infrastructure category; legal affairs category; audit supervision category; administrative category) career development channels, of which the two major sequence development channels are:

   (1) Management channel: staff-supervisor-minister-director-senior management

   (2) Professional channel: Staff-Elementary-Intermediate-Senior-Chief Engineer

  2. Tutor/master lead system: The company has established an effective mentor system. The mentor aims to "bring the new employees into success", the master aims to "bring the new employees" as the goal, and the department leader is everybody. The new employee assigns an experienced employee as his mentor/teacher. Mentors/masters must regularly conduct face-to-face counseling with new employees, provide help and guidance in work and life, including introducing the living environment around the company, and helping them overcome the difficulties that may arise when they first take over work, so that they can adapt to work as soon as possible Environment, improve work skills, and guide new employees to make a good career development plan.

In addition to the mentor system for new employees, in each department, we are equipped with an experienced management team to provide advisory support for new employees; when employees encounter problems in work or life, use their rich Work and life experience, make effective suggestions to employees, and receive further consultation.

  3. Employee career management: In order to achieve a "win-win" for employee growth and organizational development, the company implements employee career management processes.

   (1) Organizational level development process: evaluation of employees → department recommendation → development plan → implementation of development plan → realization of career development goals;

  (2) Personal level development process: self-declaration→career development intention registration→career development plan formulation→career development plan implementation→career development goal realization.

  The company and the human resources department focus on and lead the development process at the organizational level, and the departments and individuals focus on the development process at the individual level to achieve the organic unity of the two.

  4. Diversified growth opportunities: The company provides employees with various methods such as rotation, transfer, and competition to help employees gain the knowledge, skills and experience needed for career development.

  (1) Rotation: the employee rotation system, which allows employees to obtain comprehensive improvements in knowledge and skills in different positions;

  (2) Transfer: On the basis of being competent for the job, employees can apply for transfer if they are willing to work in other positions and there are corresponding vacancies;

   (3) Competition for employment: When a certain department of the company has an important job vacancy, and there is no suitable candidate in this department, all employees of the company have the opportunity to participate in the competition for employment;

  (4) Job rotation and deputy job suspension: Provide excellent management personnel with job rotation and deputy job suspension opportunities to help potential cadres expand their management skills, stand on a higher perspective, and think and solve problems comprehensively and systematically.

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