Staff appraisal


First, the purpose

   In order to enhance the centripetal force and cohesion of the enterprise, cultivate the sense of collective honor and mission of employees. The company holds staff appraisal and appraisal every year to encourage advanced, spur backwards, commend advanced role models, and form a good corporate culture atmosphere in which everyone strives for advanced.

   2. Scope of application

   is applicable to employees whose company establishment has been converted.

   3. Selection cycle

  From January 1st to December 31st every year.

  4. Staff appraisal awards

   There are nine levels of employee evaluation awards:

  (1) "Diligence" Award

  (2) "Outstanding Newcomer" Award

  (3) "Outstanding Staff" Award

  (4) "Excellent Team" Award

  (5) "Technical Patent" Award

  (6) "Special Contribution" Award

   5. Selection method

   (1) Nomination qualification review conditions:

  1) Diligence Award

  Main advanced indicators (Human Resources Department is responsible for statistics)

  1. No late arrivals and early departures throughout the year;

  2. There is no record of violation of rules and disciplines throughout the year;

  3. The top five employees who have more attendance hours throughout the year.

  Note: This award is nominated by the Human Resources Department.

  2) Outstanding Newcomer Award

   Regular employees (employees who become regular employees from January 1st to December 31st each year)

  1. Main indicators

  ①The annual personal leave does not exceed 12 days;

  ②There is no record of violation of rules and disciplines throughout the year;

  ③ No major negligence in work.

  2. Actively learn and train, integrate well into the company environment every year and take important responsibilities, actively solve problems for the company or department, and make the fastest progress in this department.

  3. Loving and dedicated to work, being proactive, pragmatic, having the courage to assume responsibility, having strong expansion capabilities and execution, and making positive contributions to the team building and performance improvement of the company or department.

  4. Outstanding performance, outstanding contribution, outstanding progress, and development potential.

   Note: This award is nominated by the heads of various departments.

  3) Outstanding Employee Award

   Regular employees whose annual attendance must be 12 consecutive months.

  1. Main indicators

  ①The annual personal leave does not exceed 12 days;

  ②People who have a lot of attendance in their department/workshop/team;

  ③There is no record of violation of rules and disciplines throughout the year;

  ④The pass rate of process quality is over 98%;

  ⑤The person who belongs to the team with high piece rate salary throughout the year;

  ⑥ No major negligence in purchasing products;

  ⑦No safety incident record;

  ⑧ People with low error rate in drawing design;

  ⑨ People with a high rate of return (debtors);

  ⑩No quality accident record.

  2. Responsible for important functions of the company or department. According to the annual, quarterly, and monthly work goals, the accumulated amount of tasks completed in the company or the department throughout the year, the difficulty of completion, the good quality of completion, and the outstanding performance. (Must be supported by quantifiable performance indicators)

  3. Those who are conscientious, selfless and dedicated to their own work, have done their job well, and are unanimously praised by the staff of the department.

   Note: This award is nominated by the heads of various departments.

  4) Outstanding Team Award

  The team or department meets the following conditions, and the outstanding team or department award will be awarded after review:

  1. In the past year, the team performed well, actively and efficiently completed the tasks assigned to the team or department by the company;

  2. All temporary tasks can be completed conscientiously, and there is no record of major errors in team work;

   3. The staff turnover rate in the department or team is zero.

  Note: This award is nominated by the head of the higher-level department.

  5) Technology Patent Award

   All patents authorized this year, design, utility model, invention patents, etc.

   Note: This award is reported by the General Manager's Office.

  6) Contribution Award

  1. Solving very important and difficult problems for the company every year;

   2. Annual cost savings for the company;

  3. Recover major losses for the company every year;

  4. Other major achievements or contributions made to the company in the year recognized by the company;

  5. Those who have made significant contributions to the improvement of the company's efficiency, new business development, and overall improvement of management capabilities;

   6. Those who have contributed to improving the company's reputation;

  7. It can prevent the damage to the company's material or reputation in the first place;

   8. When encountering emergencies (such as disasters, etc.), can respond to the occasion, take appropriate measures, and have merit;

  Note: This award is nominated by the general manager.

   Six, selection process

  1) Each department declares according to the "Employee Appraisal Application Form" issued by the Human Resources Department; the person in charge of the department conducts a preliminary review of the candidates for submission, and submits the review opinions to the Human Resources Department;

   2) After the human resources department has completed the review, it shall be handed over to the HR and administrative director for confirmation and submitted to the general manager for approval.

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