Salary benefits



   1. Salary structure

  The company's salary structure includes the following elements:

  (1) Basic salary, post salary, seniority salary, performance salary, commission salary, attendance bonus, year-end bonus;

  1) Basic salary: determined by the company's comprehensive balance, not lower than the local minimum wage standard of the year;

  2) Post salary: Determined based on comprehensive consideration of the employee’s position, position, education background, job title, technical level, business ability and other factors;

  3) Senior salary: Determined according to working years in the company;

  4) Performance pay: Based on the employees’ work performance, labor results and actual contributions and other indicators, determined by assessment;

  5) Commission salary: According to the profit or performance achieved, it is determined in accordance with the percentage of the commission;

  6) Attendance Award: Determined according to whether the month is full or not;

  7) Year-end bonus: Determined based on the achievement of the company's annual business objectives.

  (1) Subsidy: It is a subsidy given to employees for extra labor in accordance with relevant regulations of the state, government, company, etc.;

  (2) Welfare: Welfare is the welfare treatment that employees enjoy in the company, including social insurance, paid vacation, etc.

   2. Salary model

  The company's salary model includes: annual salary system, job performance salary system, commission salary system, fixed salary system, etc.

   (1) Annual salary system salary is applicable to senior management positions;

  (2) The job performance wage system is applicable to middle- and grass-roots management positions, reflecting the organic combination of static job value and employees' dynamic personal capabilities and contributions;

   (3) The commission salary system is applicable to related positions such as marketing sequence and project manager;

  (4) The fixed wage system is applicable to workshop team leaders and front-line workers, and is determined according to the actual workload.

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