Training development


The company attaches great importance to employee training, is committed to building itself into a learning organization, and has established a mature training management system. The company formulates a training budget at the beginning of each year.

   1. Training content

  (1) Corporate culture, corporate philosophy, corporate image, personal ethics, and conduct education;

  (2) Company rules and regulations, modern enterprise comprehensive management and professional management knowledge;

   (3) Related business knowledge and expertise of each department;

   (four) safety education;

  (5) Cultural knowledge and professional skills suitable for the common development of the company and employees.

   2. Training form

   (1) Internal teaching and training. The company organizes management, technology, and management professionals to use special time to organize regular training for employees.

   (2) Temporary training outside the factory. Organize management personnel to participate in short-term training organized by government and industry organizations.

   (3) External lecture training. The company hires experts and professors to come to the company to hold lectures.

   (4) Medium and long-term entrusted training. The company selects and sends outstanding talents in amateur training or ordinary work, and has the potential to train outstanding talents to go to colleges, universities and research institutes for further study, and master advanced science and technology and management methods.

   3. Training organization

   (1) Each department lists the training needs, the personnel administration center formulates a training plan, and the general manager reviews and approves the implementation.

   (2) The training work is set by the Personnel Administration Center, and each department implements the specific implementation, including teachers, trainees, content, methods, time, venue arrangements, etc.

  (3) Improve the training attendance, assessment, reward and punishment system, and the staff’s learning attitude, test results and economic rewards and punishments are closely linked.

   4. Incentive measures

(1) Those who have been approved to participate in the self-study examination of the corresponding professional higher education, participate in professional training and obtain professional technical titles, and participate in business management or related professional and technical training to obtain certificates or academic results, the company will give rewards, fee subsidies and some time arrangement.

   (2) In the salary system, in addition to job responsibilities and performance appraisal, some proportional weights are added to their academic qualifications and professional titles.

  (3) For employees who have worked hard in technology and have outstanding performance in production and service practice and learning, training and assessment, operators are regularly evaluated and the salary distribution coefficient is increased.

   (4) If the existing management staff do not pay attention to training and learning, and do not meet the requirements of the position in terms of business knowledge, operating skills, work efficiency, and professionalism, the company will adjust or eliminate them.

  (5) Front-line workers who do not pay attention to training and learning, and do not meet the requirements of the job in terms of holding a certificate, professional technology, product quality, production efficiency, etc., will be eliminated.

   (6) Participants who do not participate in the training study or do not participate in make-up courses without a valid reason will be deducted based on the training attendance record, and the training test results will be linked to the salary bonus.

  (7) Employees who resign within three years of training shall reimburse a certain amount of training fees according to the training method, and the relevant academic qualifications, titles, professional training subsidies and awards must be returned in full.

   5. Become an internal trainer

  In order to make full use of the company's internal management resources and actively tap the potential of internal training teachers, the internal managers of the company are encouraged to edit corresponding textbooks according to their respective professions, expertise, management experience, etc. to train the corresponding internal employees. Set up internal lecturer education award subsidies:

  Requirement: The teaching time is not less than 45 minutes

  Education Award: 10≤n(number of people)≤20 50 yuan/class

  20<n(number of people)≤30 80 yuan/class

  30<n(number of people)≤50 120 yuan/class

  N>50 (number of people) 200 yuan/class

  N is the number of participants

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